If you’re searching through the Internet for a professional roof cleaning and are just not sure what company to choose? This article will provide you with the assistance on what roof cleaning is, why it’s needed and choosing the correct professional for the job.

   If you live in South Jersey and your South Jersey roof has black streaks, moss or lichen then as a homeowner, the American Roof Manufactures Associations suggests having the roof cleaned along with many other manufactures. Any of these algae or fungus life forms can cause many long- term issues to your roof. Having your South Jersey roof cleaned will remove unsightly growth and prevent South Jersey residences from replacing their roof much quicker, due to premature aging. For a few hundred dollars South Jersey homeowners can gain a peace of mind knowing that they have stopped the progression of algae growth.  Aqua Boy Roof Cleaning Offers a 5-year spot free warranty on all roof cleaning in South Jersey.

    What is the black staining on South Jersey roofs? Those black streaks are an air born algae that has landed on your South Jersey roof and has began to feed on your South Jersey roof. The scientific name for the roof algae is Gloeocapsa Magma. This algae has become a major problem for South Jersey residences in the past 20 years. When roof manufactures began adding limestone granules to add weight to your South Jersey shingle, coupled with the changing South Jersey temperatures this roof algae epidemic has taken flight.

  Once this algae lands on your South Jersey roof its there to stay. Gloeocapsa  Magma or Roof algae will set up on the North side of your South Jersey roof. The darker and wetter the area becomes it is an ideal spot for this type of roof algae to live and thrive. The black streaks that steal the beauty from many South Jersey roofs are actually the protective coating. This algae forms a black protective coating to ensure its survival from the sunrays. Aqua Boy Professional Roof cleaning can effectively clean your South Jersey roof; thus cracking open that black protective coating and wiping out 100% of the algae. Aqua Boy Roof Cleaning process has been studied over and is the ONLY proper way to clean your South Jersey Roof.   So what’s the right and wrong process in cleaning a roof and why is Aqua Boy Roof Cleaning the right choice for your professional roof cleaning needs?

     Roof Cleaning in South Jersey has become the next fastest growing business. Unfortunately, without the proper training and tools this can be a devastating experience for South Jersey homeowners. Using heavy pressure to blast off algae is the ABSOLUTE WRONG way to clean a roof, but many untrained power washers that have not invested time and money into this business attempt to persuade potential customers on this application. Asphalt shingles should NOT be power washed or have other round shape pressure discs being sent down your south jersey roof to clean it. The sales tactics on this type of cleaning is that bleach based cleaning products are never used by their company and using them will be devastating to your property and landscaping. These statements are false and only a way to market South Jersey customers in another direction; thus, locking in a sale based on creating fear.



        The A.R.M.A American Roof Manufactures Associations states that Soft Washing with a bleach base detergent is the safest effective way to clean a roof. Using heavy pressure to remove algae will not rid your South Jersey roof of algae. This heavy power washing application may look like it’s solved your dirty roof issue, but in fact its caused your South Jersey roof years of unnecessary wear. After this harmful process and an eye sight inspection from the homeowner, things may look cleaner, but the algae has not been killed properly; thus, and will return very quickly long after your check has cleared the bank. These harmful practices are the mark of an untrained business that hasn’t invested in the tools, training and equipment to clean your South Jersey Roof properly.

      Soft Wash Roof Cleaning equipment is a large investment that many untrained contractors are not willing to invest in. Soft Washing equipment is not a Power Washer turn down, but a 12-volt system normally designed to distribute eco friendly detergents with the scope of 65 to 100 P.S.I.  Soft Washing a roof relies on detergents to treat living algae without the use of heavy pressure. Aqua Boy Roof Cleaning has cleaned thousands of South Jersey Roofs with exceptional results at affordable prices. Aqua Boy Roof Cleaning offers our original 5 -YEAR ROOF CLEANING WARRANTY, because we know that your South Jersey roof was cleaned properly and the results will last.

     When Aqua Boy Roof Cleaning arrives at your South Jersey property we do so with the most advanced eco friendly detergent in the business. Each uniformed and trained member of the Aqua Boy team has been trained on safety and plant protection. Aqua Boy Roof Cleaning will ensure that your experience will be a worry free one.

       Our safety standards are the best in the business regarding plant and pet protection.  There will be THREE trained background check technicians on your South Jersey property during the entire cleaning process. Other far away companies attempt to cut cost with just two employees for a roof cleaning process. Our extra trained tech is put in place to bag all your down spouts and provide plant, tree and shrub protection during the entire cleaning process.


    Aqua Boy Roof Cleaning is a licensed and New Jersey registered company that has South Jersey customers covered. Please visit our online reviews and photos. Aqua Boy Roof Cleaning has maintained the highest roof cleaning reputations within South Jersey for years. Call now for a free estimate or consultation. 609-923-4700











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