South Jersey’s #1 Roof Cleaner

South Jersey’s #1 Roof Cleaner

What’s the Aqua Boy Local Connection

South Jersey’s #1 Roof Cleaner | Power Washer

When you shop local there’s a comfort level that customers can’t put a price on.

The Aqua Boy Power Washing family has worked, lived and grown up in the area. Many local businesses and residences find comfort that Aqua Boy Power Washing is a local business. Our family owned business has gained the trust and strong relationships within the South Jersey area. The money you spent with Aqua Boy over the years goes back into the surrounding towns we service. Basically we are not an outside company targeting the area just for financial gain. Over the years, Aqua Boy Power Washing has supported local charities and events throughout our neighboring towns of Medford, Voorhees, Marlton, Haddonfield, Moorestown, Cherry Hill and surrounding towns. The owner has grown up in Cherry Hill and has worked in Medford, Voorhees, Marlton and Cherry Hill. Our family and friends reside in the surrounding towns in which we service. Aqua Boy Power Washing has cleaned for the Promenade in Marlton, the Mansion in Voorhees, Cherry Hill’s famous King Of Pizza, Burns Honda in Marlton, St. Mary on the lakes Church in Medford and many other local businesses.  Aqua Boy offers free estimates to our neighboring towns hand delivered at their doorstep! We NEVER price guess over the phone or email a quote without actually seeing your exterior cleaning needs. Our goal is to provide a worry free experience; coupled with the highest level of customer service and final results.


Why Choose Aqua Boy Roof Cleaning?

 Aqua Boy Roof Cleaning provides roof cleaning on the highest level within New Jersey. Our family owned business has built a Roof Cleaning business with the best training and equipment in the industry. Over the course of 10 years we have gained classroom education and on the field training to provide the highest quality of roof cleaning throughout the United States. Aqua Boy Roof Cleaning is truly a cut above our competition here’s why. Aqua Boy Roof cleaning has spared no expense with our professional grade Soft Washing systems. These soft wash systems are designed for roof cleaning and will ensure the correct amount of pressure. Our eco friendly soft wash soaps are designed to cling to your roof and ensure to eradicate all forms of living algae damaging your roof. What does this mean to our New Jersey customers? To put it simply, Aqua Boy will guarantee our roof cleaning with a 5-year spot free warranty!


Aqua Boy Power Washing and Roof Cleaning is covered and so are you!

 We arrive at your New Jersey home with thee uniformed and trained technicians. Each tech has been background checked and trained in roof cleaning and safety standards. Our company is yearly checked regarding insurance, New Jersey Workers Comp and safety standards by Angies list and other third party agency. Aqua Boy Roof Cleaning provides an on the job training program to ensure that your overall experience is a worry free one. Ladder safety and O.S.H.A pre approved equipment is all we use to maximize all aspects of safety while preforming roof cleaning. A ladder is never place against the gutter or balanced in an unsafe manner. All ladders are equipped with a stabilizer system that prevents falls and protects your house. Many outside companies utilize two workers to keep costs down. Three highly trained workers are standard practice at Aqua Boy! When Aqua Boy arrives we check your entire New Jersey property before beginning a cleaning project. We encourage our New Jersey customers to ask questions regarding the entire process. From start to finish you’ll discover why South Jersey has made Aqua Boy Power Washing, Soft Washing and Roof Cleaning #1. 

Pet and Plant Protection

 We check and safe guard for pets and other personal items around the property. Pet bowls, bones and toys are covered and brought away from the cleaning area. All members will go over your house to ensure windows and doors are properly shut. During the cleaning process, one worker will begin to place bags on every downspout, this will ensure that any excess detergent coming from the gutter will be captured. Aqua Boy Power Washing and Roof Cleaning is serious about protecting all things living. All our trained technicians will ensure your plants; trees and shrubs are never affected during the cleaning process. That’s why three highly trained workers are a must during the entire cleaning process.  During the cleaning stage and after the prep is complete, a roof tech administering the soap keeps in constant communication with the ground crew, we leave no room for error. After the cleaning is complete all technicians will inspect their work and the entire property before leaving. This Aqua Boy Roof Cleaning Process will ensure that your New Jersey roof will receive the highest standard of protection while treating your roof with the absolute best application in the country.      


How can Aqua Boy Roof Cleaning offer a 5-year roof cleaning warranty?

Aqua Boy roof cleaning is so sure that our service and overall results are the best in New Jersey we offer a spot free limited warranty on all roof cleaning. New Jersey residences can feel confident that Aqua Boy roof Cleaning will last 5 years, because we understand the correct amount of detergent and strength needed to eradicate all forms of roof algae. Our process has been perfected over 10 years and our company is a leader in the roof cleaning industry. Aqua Boy Roof cleaning belongs to many of the most prestigious exterior cleaning organizations in the country, our learning and thirst for knowledge never ends. Please see our reviews and photographs online and you’ll discover why Aqua Boy Roof Cleaning is right for you.


What’s Growing on your New Jersey Roof?

The black discoloration and streaks visible on many New Jersey roofs are an actual a living algae. These black streaks are better known as Gloeoccapsa magma, a roof algae that will not go away on its own.  This form of algae most noticeable as black stains streak towards your New Jersey gutter. This form of algae typically begins as small spots then quickly transforms into streaks. After this black cover is noticeable, is time for our New Jersey residence to contact the expert roof cleaners at Aqua Boy Power Washing. This form of algae does have many negative impacts on the long-term effectiveness of these roof systems. That is why it is important to address an algae problem as soon as possible. After your New Jersey roof appears black from the protective coding or the sheath that forms to protect the algae underneath it’s going to remain there until it’s professionally cleaned. This black protective coding will age your New Jersey roof and raise your electric bill as well. Asphalt shingles are designed to reflect sunlight and maintain a cool temperature for the attic area. When your New Jersey roof is covered with black algae the sun’s heat will become trapped, which in turn makes your AC run harder to maintain cooler temperatures in the summer months. This algae will prematurely age your New Jersey roof, having homeowners replace their New Jersey roofs sooner then needed. According to Angie’s List the average cost to replace a roof approximately $12,000.00 Aqua Boy Roof Cleaning can clean your New Jersey roof for a fraction of the cost to replace it. Don’t replace your roof because of roof algae and the unpleasing appearance.


Moss on your New Jersey Roof

       Moss is another plant that obtains water through its leaves, unlike most plants that gather water through its root system. Moss requires a shaded area of your New Jersey roof to survive. The moist environment will keep the plant healthy.  Moss tends to grow on the north face side of many New Jersey roofs; thus keeping itself out of direct sunlight. The plant is a moist plant that releases spores that continue its growth on your New Jersey roof -top. Overhanging tree branches provide additional shade and drop debris on the roof that further holds in moisture and acts as a food source for moss. Moss spores may also be carried by wind or animals and can easily spread throughout neighborhoods. Unlike algae, moss can be detrimental to asphalt shingle performance. In severe cases, moss build-up can cause lateral water movement resulting in moisture damage to the roof deck or may even cause leaks.


Lichen on your New Jersey Roof

Lichen can also become a big issue with asphalt shingles. Lichen are organisms that are complex in nature. They are formed by a relationship between algae and fungus. Moss and Lichen are completely different entities, but both can create problems for your New Jersey roof. Lichen can show up in bluish colors or even yellow. Lichen can grow on anything that sits still. Lichen can be acidic in nature and will eventually break down the shingle. Scraping or applying pressure to remove Lichen off your New Jersey roof is frowned upon in the roof cleaning industry. This living algae / fungus needs to be soft washed, allowing the detergent to soak in and break up its roots and overall structure. This professional process takes time, but will keep the integrity of the shingles and overall roof. When New Jersey residents hire the experts at Aqua Boy Roof Cleaning we will examine the roof and determine the best course of action.


The Aqua Boy Soft Washing Difference!

Soft Washing seems like the new catchphrase in the exterior cleaning industry. While Soft Washing has been around for several years within New Jersey. Soft Washing has come up from the South and has changed the exterior cleaning business forever. Soft Washing has not replaced power Washing and never will. There are contractors that attempt to market Soft Washing as the new power washing, but this couldn’t be furthest from the truth. Soft Washing is just a different cleaning application originating from roof cleaning. Contractors that attempt to sell Soft Washing as one source for all types of cleaning should draw a really big red flag to a potential customer. Soft Washing systems drawl on detergents from a 12- volt pump system, without the use of pressure to clean the surface. Power Washing or Pressure Washing utilizes P.S.I to budge dirt with the help of detergents. Soft Washing is very effective in treating the algae and mold at the source, by actually killing it. This effective technique has a major upswing in comparison to power washing a house. The Soft Washing application will keep algae off a surface longer, because you are essentially eradicating the problem. Soft Washing uses much less pressure; therefore the chance of damaging a surface is greatly reduced. Soft Washing is an effective tool for house cleaning, roof cleaning, and other surfaces that could be damaged by heavy pressure. Soft Washing requires a company to invest in specific equipment and soaps that can be costly. If you are paying for a Soft Washing and you discover a power washing running on low pressure, chances are your not getting what you paid for. Aqua Boy Power Washing and Soft Washing arrives with the latest professional Power Washing and Soft Washing equipment in the industry. When customers choose Aqua Boy Power Washing we come prepared to meet all your expectations. Each Aqua Boy member is proficiently trained in the use of all our equipment to deliver the highest results in the business. Aqua Boy Soft Washing has and remains a true leader in the Soft Wash industry. We have thousands of highly satisfied customers within the New Jersey area. Please check out our photographs and reviews online.

 South Jersey’s #1 Roof Cleaner | Power Washer

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